Founder’s Message

When I realized my passion and purpose in life is helping others, I wanted to create an organization that could serve as a source of help and inspiration in our communities. As a result, we have created the OPHELIA Foundation! It’s touchable, its tangible, and it’s an organization through which anyone can donate and know their contribution is making an immediate difference at the grass-roots level.

Why the name OPHELIA? It’s the name of some of the strongest and most giving women I know. It’s the name of our Mother and Grandmothers – so why not OPHELIA? These women not only gave my husband and me a sense of family, but more importantly they gave us HOPE by giving of themselves. This made us feel we were destined to achieve something remarkable in our community. And it’s amazing, because in establishing this organization, I learned that the Greek name OPHELIA, derived from Greek οφελος (ophelos), means “help”! How inspiring, and what a revelation to learn the name OPHELIA would become not only the name of the foundation, but also encompass the essence of who we are.

You didn’t visit this page by chance, and we want to thank you in advance for your generosity and for supporting the OPHELIA Foundation in achieving its goals. Thank you for joining our grass-roots efforts by investing in our youth and our communities. We believe that through God’s grace, and with continued community support, our future’s wide open. As you leave this page, remember that YOU are an OPHELIA – an Opportunity to Provide Hope, Empower Lives, & Influence Advancement as we reach back and pull others forward. We are making a difference because a little help – from you and from us – can go a long way!

Of the many things I have accomplished during my professional career, the one I am most proud of is establishing the OPHELIA Foundation. Thank you for supporting us!

Founder's Message