— The OPHELIA Foundation —

The OPHELIA Foundation is accepting applications for Class of 2021 Scholarships. Please download the guidelines and the application, which contain information about the scholarships and instructions for completion.

Developing Our Youth Through Education

Our organization is based on the principle of helping others. This mission comes from our name, OPHELIA, which means "help" in Greek.

  • Our Impact

    We support local youth initiatives in our communities to raise educational levels, alleviate poverty and improve health outcomes.

  • Our Grants

    We provide grants to individuals and institutions in our community to address PHEAST—poverty, health, education, arts, sports and technology.

  • Our Leadership

    Our leadership manages programming, develops partnerships and maximizes time and efforts representing the foundation while advancing the causes of the organization.

Prince William Living, June 2019: The OPHELIA Foundation is proud to be featured in the June issue of Prince William Living magazine. Read about how we were founded, our mission, and where we're headed! Read Article Here!

The Ophelia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It enables opportunities to provide hope, empower lives, and influence advancement. The Foundation is based on the principle of helping others, particularly those who might otherwise have few or no opportunities.